About Us

For many years Franchise Connect developed their own software to get over problems associated with ensuring local outlets of a franchised business promote the corporate brand properly, effectively and in line with central guidelines. Through direct experience we identified that it was difficult to guarantee that a franchisee would consistently use the correct materials and designs and that it was also a chore for them to find local suppliers who could produce collateral to the correct specification at a fair price, especially across the broad spectrum of products that often need to be branded.

Being able to channel local purchases through a single supplier who has agreed specifications, service levels and prices with head office whilst allowing local personalisation of items as necessary is at the heart of the Franchise Connect system.

Through a combination of in-house production and creative design staff , a tried and tested supply chain and in-house storage and pick – pack facilities and with a proven track record Franchise Connect help Franchisors retain control of their brand while still delegating budgets to the local level.

Hundreds of franchisees currently use the Franchise Connect system and many millions of individual items are shipped each year. With an ever increasing customer base and a fantastic reputation, Franchise Connect grow from strength to strength.