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maid2cleanMaid2Clean Offers Franchise Connect Solution to Franchisees

Maid2Clean Franchise is delighted to announce the launch of an online unique, secure and innovative on-line marketing resource to its Franchisees at no extra cost to them.Franchise Connect are a print shop in their own right as well as a design base and also a franchisee of Printing.com.

Franchise Connect has been designed to provide franchisors a solution to the problem of a lack of readily available marketing tools and to control what is normally a very fragmented supply chain, which historically franchisors have had to manage themselves, or risk their brand and its values being corrupted.

Franchise Connect are delighted to have been working closely with Mike Hanrahan during recent months on the development of the new and exciting on-line resource for Maid2Clean. The Maid2Clean on-line marketing resource is a simple and secure method for franchisees to use when ordering marketing, advertising, print, web services and merchandising materials. The portal has been designed to offer franchisees a secure (password protected), convenient (orders can be placed 24/7) and quick (no need to hand write or fax purchase orders) order placement service.

Using the Maid2Clean portal guarantees that you will receive product on time and to the highest standard of both finish and accuracy. The on-line resource will provide franchisees with a satisfying shopping experience which will be supported with a secure credit card payment system, ensuring customers enjoy the satisfaction of extended credit.

Franchise Connect will provide a help-line for Maid2Clean franchisees and will supply goods and services to committed service levels against each item featured in the portal, whilst at the same time increasing the range of items available. This has been achieved as a direct result of the close business relationship between Franchise Connect and the well established print and creative business, Design Office.

Mike Hanrahan commented The new portal offers our franchisees increased choice within pre-defined service levels, picking list management, order, consistency, brand policing, reporting & MI. We are all delighted with this solution.

Franchise connect have guaranteed to match prices from our approved suppliers or to put competitor’s details of our choice in.

There are management reports viewable from a different screen that record quantities purchased to a properly detailed spec. All our literature has been branded with the correct colour codes (pantone colours etc) etc so that uniformity, professionalism and policing of the brand is the order of the day.

Maid2Clean franchisees now have access to an industry leading on-line resource which offers a professional, convenient, single source for an improved and increasing range of products.

Well Polished


I can honestly say my life has been so much easier since being introduced to Franchise Connect. A bit about me and my background: My name is Sandra Venables and I am the managing director of Well Polished. My company is a domestic cleaning company which operates as a franchise organisation throughout the UK and throughout Portugal.

In the old days, franchisees used to call me constantly to order stationery, uniforms and any other materials they needed to run their businesses. Whilst I was pleased that the company was growing so rapidly, I also found that I was actually becoming a victim of my own success! Most of my time was spent on the telephone taking orders or dealing with queries and proofs when my real job was suffering. As a franchisor my role was to recruit new franchisees, train them and support my existing network.

Unfortunately for me, most of my time was spent ordering and dealing with different suppliers. I was also being forced to order large quantities of stationery to secure the best price, which to be honest was having an impact on our recourses etc. Then there were the other added burdens of where to store the stock and having to distribute the items to my network.

I have been so impressed with the services provided by Kevin and the team at Franchise Connect, that I have introduced them to many other Franchisors who have literally jumped at the chance of working with them.

my franchisees now have online access to the Well Polished portal (I call it the Well Polished Shop) which is managed 100% by Franchise Connect. My life has been so much easier since using them. The benefits: well too many to list really, but here are a few: Franchise Connect:

  • Do all the ordering
  • Liaise with my franchisees
  • Distribute the goods to my franchisees
  • Even supply me with a report so I can keep an eye on what my franchisees are ordering
  • They attend every franchise conference we hold and have valuable input into our company marketing plans.
  • I am able to use the portal as an added selling point when selling a franchise as it just makes us look so much more professional.
  • They call my network often to inform them of any new entries onto the portal.
  • They also keep an eye on my brand and only allow any changes which have been approved by me